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China firmly opposes U.S. support for Taiwan's ...

"The U.S. mission is in no position to speak for the Taiwan region under the excuse of the UN's welcome of diverse views. The United States has repeatedly used visa issuance to block or delay access of member states or civil society to UN activities. This points

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Strait to Taiwan China plus News. Nurses turn into super 'temp parents' for child coronavirus patients. Coaching exercises, checking homework and preparing educational games in addition to providing medical care, nurses at a children's hospital in Wuhan have turned into super "temp moms and dads" taking care of kids infected with the novel coronavirus.

In surprise decision, US approves muscular dystrophy

The drug's developers reported results in October suggesting their medication could be the first to slow mental decline in Alzheimer's. But many experts are skeptical, noting unusual study changes and analyses used during the drug's development.

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Identification of Taiwan resident refers to a Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents. Identification of foreigner refers to a foreigner’s permanent residence card. Chinese citizens residing abroad and Hong Kong and Macau residents shall also submit a certificate of residence proving residence longer than 6 months. 4. Other notices

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2019-11-8  The 136-year-old German company Vorwerk introduced an electronic tea machine at the expo. With six years of research and development, the machine, named the Temial, features a major technical breakthrough as it can adjust factors such as the water temperature and brewing time based on the type of tea used.

谣言又出新花样,结果又惨遭打脸-中国法院网 ...

2019-12-8  Bjorn Nashan(Past President, German Transplantation Society):"I’m working in China more than 2 years in HeFei. So I have my foot to the ground. I see what going on and I see so far is that everything is going on to the legal. Nothing is altered.

The Development of China's Undertakings for the

China is the biggest developing country in the world. As the number of elderly people keeps increasing and ageing of population accelerates, and due to the country's uneven development, one big challenge facing China in its social development is how to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly people and promote the development of undertakings for the aged.


2013年6月23到7月10日,“中国(海南)七仙温泉嬉水节青年志愿者招募”活动在我省海口各大高校举行。水是生命之源,为黎苗同胞奉为圣洁之物,嬉水节是海南黎苗族人民自古就有的节日,经历年打造演化而来,时至今日嬉水节形成含有泼水、打水仗、打水漂、过浮桥、划竹筏、潜水等一系列乐趣无穷的 ...

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First, the current electricity price in Germany is the equivalent of three yuan ($45 cents) per kilowatt-hour. In China, the additional charge for renewable energy is usually less than 0.02 yuan per kilowatt-hour. German consumers pay a large amount to fund the PV subsidy, while the Chinese PV subsidies are mainly paid by the government.

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